Torque Tuning, founded in early 2005 aimed to be your custom chip tuner satisfying your needs and demands. With this goal we are in this business for more than 8 years by now and are cooperating with 15 dealers in 10 countries internationally. Our network is spreading and growing, if you want to be a part of this business, contact us easily by email.

Professional built, prepared and customized maps are our strong side. We understand and focus on the customer's needs and work on this target to fully satisfy our customer.

Chip tuning is a popular business that is getting more and more demand from customers for specific reasons in order to get their cars customized. Increased torque and HP creates more drivability on the car having more fun and pleasure. At the same time aiming to decrease fuel consumption as well chip tuning helps customer to manage and lower his fuel costs. "Eco tuning" is aiming to decrease fuel consumption that became very popular within the last years due to the increasing petrol costs globally.

Best Regards,

Torque Tuning Team